Last Friday's Power 96 Cool One was "Machine Gun" from Warrant's Dog Eat Dog album. This was their third studio release and the last to feature all five original band members. Riding on the success of their first two albums, it peaked at No. 25 on the U.S. Billboard 200. As the first single from the album, "Machine Gun" went to No. 36 on the U.S. Mainstream Hot Tracks chart in 1992. The album made it to gold status in the United States, but it failed to yield any other hits in this country, although "The Bitter Pill" made it to No. 74 in the UK.

Here's a bit of trivia: The band Dog Eat Dog, a hardcore and punk band, released their debut EP titled Warrant as a friendly poke at the band.

Please join me at 4:35PM today for the next Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts in Faribault. Today's featured band started out as Trigger but thankfully, because there was a band with that name already, they chose the name they currently go by. Who is it? Tune today and find out.

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