The City of Prior Lake took to social media yesterday after two of the city's beloved holiday decorations were missing in action. It appears that someone who either is a big fan of elves or perhaps a grinch in their own right made off with two of the cities most beloved decorations, their Christmas Elves.

The elves in question, are a part of the decorations at Lakefront Park in Prior Lake. Prior Lake officials posted to the City's Facebook page that there wouldn't be 'questions asked' if someone were to return the missing decorations, as they just would like them back for "another year of holiday cheer."

Sad news! There was mischief in Lakefront Park over the weekend, and two of the City’s treasured holiday elves are missing.

If you know where they are being held, please contact Prior Lake Public Works at 952-447-9896 or

No questions asked, we just want to bring our little buddies home safe for another year of holiday cheer.

Prior Lake is asking that anyone who may know the location of where the elves "are being held" call the city's public works department at 952-447-9896 or send an email to the email in the post.

The elf-napping comes on the heels of another holiday light heist in Scandia, where thieves made off with holiday light decorations that hung 11 feet in the air from street lights back on December 23rd.

Does Minnesota have a grinch going around taking precious holiday decorations? Probably not. But what we do have are some residents who probably now have a guilty conscience.

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