Somewhere Gordon Bombay is smiling. On Sunday Minnesota Vikings Wide Reciever Adam Thielen went back to the 90's with his Mighty Ducks themed cleats. 

Sadly there weren't any 'flying-V' formations on the gridiron in a Vikings 27-17 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, but Thielen did score a touchdown on a pass from Kurt Cousins. Following the score, Thielen was joined by his fellow players in what can only be described by me as the "whitest" dance move ever. It was a combination mom dance with loose spaghetti arms. You can watch it here.

Back to the cleats, they harken back to the very first Mighty Ducks film, complete with the angry duck, and D-5 for the youth hockey clubs district in the film. I mean it’s hard to come up with better cleats if you’re from Minnesota, went to college in Minnesota and play for the Vikings. You have to rock things like this.

When Thielen was asked about the choice in cleats by USA Today after the game his response was that it is "A Minnesota movie. If anybody hasn't seen it, make sure you watch it. Great movie."

Want to see the cleats up close? You can get those here. 

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