It's not often people in the Northland have a chance to watch a truly unique, free event that features both international and local talent, but that is exactly the opportunity that available this weekend.

Red Bull Heavy Metal is back for the first time since 2003 and this time it's coming to Duluth. While it's technically a snowboarding contest, this event does not take place on a traditional ski or snowboarding hill.

According to Damage Boardshop in Duluth, Red Bull Heavy Metal features international and local talent will be on hand to "toss some heavy moves down an impressive setup of snow and steel."

Red Bull Heavy Metal Promo
Red Bull Heavy Metal Promo/

Event organizers provided a little more history and what spectators can expect to see:

Last held in 2003, Red Bull Heavy Metal is a single day snowboard contest that features a variety of unique obstacles and lines, compiled in one tight space to showcase elite street riding. A reboot of a classic Red Bull event, using the natural rails, drops, gaps, and banks of Duluth’s iconic Cascade Park, transforming the space into the perfect location to host the world’s best street style snowboarders. Viewing is free, and open to the public.

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Red Bull Heavy Metal will take place Sunday, January 16, from 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at Duluth's Cascade Park, located at N 1st Avenue West. The event is free to spectate and food is expected to be available to purchase.

The promo video should get everyone psyched to check it out.

The forecast for Sunday in Duluth is currently calling for cloudy skies with a chance for morning snow showers and a high of 24F. Not bad at all for this time of year in the Northland.

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