When the power goes out at your house in the early morning hours, you're left with little to do. Rather than conserve my phone battery for things like the flashlight feature, or call the power company, priorities right, I decided to watch a bunch of old 80s music videos and what did I find, that British actor/comedian Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson starred as the creepy guy in Dio's Rainbow In The Dark music video

It's a little tough to place Atkinson until the 2-minute marker in the video when Atkinson takes off his glasses and is surprised by Vivian Campbell who is simply shredding down the stairs and out the door.

According to the song's Wikipedia page, the video's location takes place in central London, with scenes alternating between shots of a man following a woman through a street lined with pornographic cinemas, and Ronnie James Dio singing from a rooftop.

"The implied malicious intent of the man is made evident during the guitar solo, when guitarist Vivian Campbell appears and effectively "scare" him away after he follows the woman into a movie house, with the woman kissing Campbell on the cheek in apparent gratitude."

By the way, Ronnie James Dio on the roof is a very 80s thing to do. But seriously Dio was so hard-rock/metal they made a song about a rainbow! Who makes a metal rainbow song? Dio that's who.

The song really has a deeper meaning according to songfacts.com "One of the great depression metaphors, in this song lead singer Ronnie James Dio is feeling isolated and trapped, unable to release the tremendous potential inside him - like a rainbow in the dark. Dio has mentioned his time as Black Sabbath lead singer as inspiration for the lyrics; he felt "alone and rejected" when he left the band."

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