This Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings are taking on the New Orleans Saints in a highly anticipated playoff matchup. If you’re a fan of the purple, you are most likely freaking out. My coworker Scotty may or may not have any fingernails left by now. That’s because the last time the Vikings met the Saints in the playoffs, it was during the 2010 NFC Championship game, which…didn’t go too well.

Oof. That still sucks to watch. Quick side note: my brother watched that game at a friend’s house, and the moment Favre threw that pick was the only time he ever heard his friend’s dad use foul language. Use your imagination.

Before that game, the Vikings were red hot, and also had a big celebrity fan: Minnesota’s own Prince. The Purple One was so inspired by his team’s success that he wrote a playoff anthem for the Vikes called 'Purple & Gold'. According to Prince Vault, he recorded this song at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen the evening after the Vikings blew out the Dallas Cowboys 34-3. It seems like you can only find the song on the Vikings' website, but it sadly doesn't appear to be working at the moment. Hopefully they'll but it back up soon.

From what I remember about the song, I think it’s fair to say that it’s no 'Purple Rain'. Some have said that this song ended up jinxing the Vikes, but I’m not sure I agree. It's still pretty cool that Prince ended up writing a song for the Vikings, after all! And now that Prince is no longer with us, it’d be great to see the Vikes get a little revenge this weekend.

At the very least, here are the full lyrics:

the veil of the sky draws open
the roar of the chariots touch down
we r the ones who have now come again
and walk upon water like solid ground
as we approach the throne we won't bow down
this time we won't b denied

raise every voice and let it b known
in the name of the purple and gold

we come in the name of the purple and gold
all of the odds r in r favor
no prediction 2 bold
we r the truth if the truth can b told
long reign the purple and gold

the eyes say ready 4 battle
no need 4 sword in hand
we r all amped up like a rock n roll band
ready 2 celebrate every score
ready 2 fight the elegant war
ready 2 hear the crowd roar

that's what we came 4
and so much more
in the name of the purple and gold

r spirits may b tired
r bodies may b worn
but since this day is r destiny
r history that's y we must b
4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings' horn
in the name of the purple and gold


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