Starting next week with their first show "Daddy Long Legs" all audience members at Zeitgeist's Teatro Zuccone- Renegade Theater Shows must not only wear a mask, but show proof of vaccination or a negative test result taken with the last 72 hours in order to be admitted into the performances.

Renegade Theater has been dark for the past 18 months due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and are hoping that these precautions will help keep staff, cast, and crew members( who are all fully vaccinated) and audience members safe with hopes of having a normal performance schedule moving forward.

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Zeitgeist Director of Marketing Abigail Blonigen spoke with FOX21 and said:

There are no plans to require vaccines in the bar and restaurant space yet, but they hope to do something similar in the Zinema theater within the next couple weeks. Specifically in the theaters, you’re just like sitting next to people you don’t know for an extended period of time and both of our spaces are pretty small.

The capacity at Renegade Theater shows will also be reduced from 120 seats to 88. I personally feel like this will become the norm at almost all establishments including restaurants, bars, movie theaters etc. In New York City right now some places are requiring proof of a vaccine in order to enter their establishments. I don't feel it will come to that but masks and proof of negative tests if you are not vaccinated might become pretty common around here to avoid businesses having to shut down all together again.

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