According to reports, a Rhode Island man was arrested after leading police on a slow-speed two mile chase in a stolen beer truck. Video from the incident shows kegs and cases of beer falling out of the back of the truck as the culprit meanders through a Providence neighborhood.


44-year-old Jeremy Fallela of Cranston, Rhode Island appeared before a judge after being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding police, reckless driving, and refusing to submit a chemical test per the report.


Fallela is being held without bail after failing to appear for eleven previous criminal cases per the report. Certainly, the Rhode Island man is a repeat offender whose latest crime has left many scratching their heads.


The report says that it all began when Fallela jumped into the driver's seat of a beer delivery truck that was outside of a Providence liquor store. He then began slowly driving off in the truck as beer fell out of the opened back door.


Fallela traveled through Providence area neighborhoods, with one resident's doorbell camera even capturing the slow pursuit by authorities.


Fallela reportedly crashed into a utility pole, which ended the pursuit. He was promptly arrested after the two mile trek in the booze truck ended.

See the video report from WPRI 12 below.

See the full report from @KLFY below.

From the looks of this report, Fallela has a thirst for crime and decided to quench that thirst with a trip through town in a beer truck. He certainly seems to be a menace to society, as creating chaos in the middle of this winter Rhode Island day appeared to be his main objective.

It appears as though the original driver of the delivery truck was following along as his merchandise was ruined by the recklessness of the culprit. Thank goodness a reporter was there to video the entire incident, as this would have been a tough story for the driver to explain to the higher-ups at the beer distributor.

Thankfully, the report doesn't mention anyone being injured as a result of the man's actions.

Being that this incident took place in Rhode Island, it leads me to think this could certainly be the plot line of a Family Guy episode with Peter Griffin getting himself into trouble once again.

It seems like the perfect time to remind folks to never drive drunk and to also never steal a beer truck.

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