The Rice County Board of Commissioner voted today to keep their salaries at present levels for 2021.  That salary is $38,457.12.

District 5 Commissioner Jeff Docken made the motion.  District 2 Commissioner Galen Malecha provided the second. District 1 Commissioner Jake Gillen did not vote because he is leaving the board.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to turn down salary increase requests by the sheriff and county attorney.

Commissioner Malecha told Sheriff Troy Dunn he did respect him and supported him and his department but stated, "Everything that's gone on just recently in the jail and the abuse situation.  I know you were not there directly but at the end of the day, statutorily you're in charge of the jail and to me that's a reflection on things."

Addressing County Attorney John Fossum Malecha said he had supported his office over the years also but added, "We paid out a big dollar amount last year in the wrongful termination, whistleblower situation and again at the end of the day, statutorily you're in charge of  the attorney's office and that comes back to the one who is in charge."

The sheriff's current salary is $143,256.10.  He requested approximately $148,986.34 for 2021.  The county attorney's salary this year was approximately $147,576.  The request for 2021 was $153,479.04.

Commisisoner Docken made a motion to give the two elected officials the same 1.5% COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) given to all other county employees.

Commissioner Malecha cast the lone no vote on that motion.

The 2021 salary for the Rice County Sheriff will be $146,495.48.

The 2021 salary for the Rice County Attorney will be $150,913.06.


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