Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn told KDHL Tuesday after he issued a news release concerning numerous complaints about phone scams his department received more complaints.  In the release the Sheriff said law enforcement agencies throughout the county had taken a number of complaints and his office received a call from a Morristown resident saying she received a call stating her grandson had been arrested and she was instructed to forward money to get him out of jail.

Dunn said that person was suspicious and reported the call but another woman contacted his office and said she did give financial information to someone over the phone with a similar story and lost some of her finances.  The Rice County Sheriff said another scam reported in the northern portion of the county concerned asphalt.  The people stop by a residence and say they have some asphalt left over from a previous job and will give the homeowner a "good deal" so they can get rid of the product.

Dunn says both of these scams are not new and seem to occur every year.  He said it is still a great opportunity to educate people about the danger and encourage them to phone law enforcement if they get this or a similar solicitation. "Never give any financial information over the phone" is the best advice he can give.   If someone stops by your home and has a offer to do business and the offer is "too good to be true" it probably isn't true.

Have work completed by a reputable local business.

The Sheriff says catching the phone scam criminals in particular is not easy because most of the time they are calling from another country.  He still wants to people to report such solicitations.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn
Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn

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