It seems late night television commercials have always been a little odd or off color. It might be a fitness item/video, an indestructible flash light, or a lighter that works in a hurricane! Nothing compares to the cat-in-a-bag carrier ad I saw online last night. I didn't think it was real, I thought it was a fake ad that my wife insisted I watch as a joke. No this is real and somewhat terrifying for not only me but the cat must be like 'why are you shoving me in a flimsy bag?' Here is the commericial to prove how this is somewhat insane!

Video credit: Davis Pro TV2 - via

This Cat-in-a-bag commericial got me wondering what is the worst all time late night for sale item? The can of rubber to turn your screen door into a boat? The wearable towel? The Shamwow? Let us know on our facebook page!


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