Las Vegas is in the news. While that sentence may not surprise many, the reason behind the headline might. The city has adopted a super cool parking ticket program. If you get a parking ticket in Vegas, you can pay it off with school supplies donations! This could possibly be the first and only time I say, what happens in Vegas should NOT stay in Vegas.

I can totally see us doing something like this. I work downtown, and I can admit that I've been ticketed a few times. It may have made me slightly less bitter to donate $20 in school supplies, rather than pay for a ticket. That, or canned goods, maybe coats? There's so much we could do with something like this.

It wasn't long ago that we talked about a cool program that they are doing in Rochester - the "Lights On" Program. Under the program, instead of ticketing drivers for a burned-out headlight, taillight, brake light or turn signal, they gave them a voucher to have it repaired free of charge.

Do you think Faribault should try a parking ticket program?

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