It's great when people come together during tough times. It's even better when businesses go the extra mile during these times too. Recently Sage Glass donated and installed glass barriers at Faribault's City Hall in order to help protect staff and residents visiting when it opens back up to the public. 

"SageGlass, a Saint-Gobain company, reached out to a handful of City of Faribault department heads to see if there was a way the company could help the City. Like businesses across the country, glass barriers are becoming commonplace, and the City was in the midst of looking at ways to add them at City Hall."

"It’s just a small gesture from Sage to the City. But hopefully one that gives a few City team members a feeling of slightly greater security and health in this extraordinary crisis." - Alan McLenaghan, CEO of SageGlass

The newly installed glass will come in handy as the City of Faribault will be opening up City Hall to the public beginning May 4th for select services. Members fo the public will be able to have limited "access to the customer service counters on the lower level, second floor, and third floor of the building" according to another press release from the City of Faribault yesterday. 

For members of the public entering and or using the limited services at Faribault's City Hall, masks are being encouraged to be worn per Gov. Walz guidelines during COVID-19.

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