Santa's elves might have to switch from toy making to toilet paper rolling.

I was up in Long Prairie over the weekend, as I often am, and on my way home I took the route through North Prairie. It is a super small town between Upsala and Rice, and in the town, there is a house that goes ALL OUT for Christmas. I'm not sure who the people are that live there, but a giant sign at the driveway reads "Merry Christmas from the Schmidt's".

This year I noticed that they had their elaborate decorative display set up before Halloween. Santa was added to the display recently, with a nice nod to what we have been through in 2020.

Santa Clause gets to hang out in the roadside outhouse for the holiday season, and this year he also has an empty wrapper of Charmin toilet paper. Even the magical mascot of Christmas isn't immune to the toilet paper shortage that came with the pandemic.

North Prairie isn't the North Pole, but it is close enough, especially with this elaborate decorating from the Schmidt family. I love driving through on my way home during the holidays because they add a little something new every year. Thank you for putting this display together every year! It brings so much cheer!

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