Not sure I have ever seen an ear of corn that looked like this before, but apparently while it might look quite scary it's actually considered a delicacy for some here in Minnesota. Have you ever heard of a corn truffle before?

Corn truffle, corn smut, or as it's known in Mexico, huitlacoche corn is where certain kernels of corn are affected by a fungus and grow into these outrageous sizes, shapes, and colors on the cob.

According to the Wisconsin Extension service, corn smut is "caused by the fungus Ustilago maydis, which can survive for several years as spores in soil and corn residue." With the warm and at-times humid conditions we have had over the last month, I wonder if corn farmers will start to see common corn smut in their fields this season?

While it might not look appetizing the corn smut is actually a delicacy for some. states many people enjoy it like they would mushrooms, as it is a fungus, and eat it whole, or some find it more appetizing by adding it to their food, but if you do that, it can turn black, and look burned, but that isn't the case.

So I've got to wonder who saw the first ear of corn with this on it, and said to themselves, I got to try this. From everything I've read, it's quite good, but when you see it growing on a perfectly yellow cob of corn you don't immediately think that it's something you would want to eat.

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