McDonald's is bringing the heat. Today marks the debut of McDonald's spicy chicken nuggets, and as some insurance, to those trying the Caliente nugs McDonald's is offering up a 6-piece of its regular or a 2nd spicy 6-er of chicken nuggets for free. The catch to securing your free nugs? Order your meal on the McDonald's App.

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In a post to Twitter this morning McDonald's unveiled a surprise for fans of all things nuggety.

  McDonald's followed up the photo with some plain-jane tweet making it clear to everyone that there are some FREE nuggets to be had today.  

The new spicy chicken nuggets get their heat from being coated in cayenne and chili pepper breading. If the McNugget isn't hot enough for you, McD's also rolled out a new dipping sauce for it's McNuggets called "Mighty Hot Sauce" which combines crushed red pepper, spicy chilis, and savory garlic.

According to a USA Today article, "The spicy McNugget is the first flavor McDonald's USA has introduced to the McNugget since the product debuted in 1983."

You can find out more about the deal, and how to get the app here.

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