With over an inch of snow just in St. Cloud this week and more or similar in many areas in Central Minnesota, pretty sure many are going to like this little winter garbage trick. The temps look like they are going to begin dropping and those "comfy" 30 degree days we just had are about to go bye-bye.

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With it getting colder and below zero temps setting in by Sunday night, many Minnesotans (not all, many others love the cold) will look for about any help not to go out in the cold for very long or if not necessary. Was going through on Facebook, when I came across a genius idea from a fellow Minnesotan who had a good winter tip for when it comes to your garbage. For some this will be very useful, for others maybe not so much. Regardless you might want to see it, for that "one day" when you will want it!

Let's look at a hypothetical scenario. It's garbage day and you have your garbage can at the end of the driveway. You go out to bring it in, thinking the garbage man had already been there. Only to get out there realizing, they still have not been there. So you go back in or go run errands, go to work...whatever for the day a little frustrated that you went out to move the garbage can only to find it not empty.

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For anyone who gets frustrated by this, Michele Cronin shares in Minnesota Memes a

Tip for the season. When putting out trash and recycling don't forget to put a "snowball" on top. If the ball is still there, it means it hasn't been picked up yet. Snowball is gone "might" mean it's been picked up. Good Luck.

I appreciate that they say "might" and not guaranteed, because if you leave a nice enough snowball, someone might be tempted to start a snowball fight with it.

Image Credit Michele Cronin via Facebook
Image Credit Michele Cronin via Facebook

It's a simple winter trash trick, but it's one that could come in handy now and again. Many others had their thoughts on the idea. Some liking and others arguing it's ridiculous and a few others commenting like Amber S., stating,

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I'm just happy when my garbage gets picked up before the snow plow comes by and knocks it over.

Many feel this is lazy, but after reading the comments some of the problem appears to be with the company picking up the garbage and why the idea was posted in the first place. I say you do you and take it for what it's worth, but I thought it hilariously awesome! Stay warm Minnesota.

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