LITTLE FALLS – Four predatory offenders living in Morrison County were charged with failure to register during the latest round of predatory offender registration checks, according to Sheriff Shawn Larsen.

The process, handled by the Sheriff’s office in partnership with all local police departments, checks and verifies all predatory offenders who are on the registry and live in the county.

Larsen says 53 predatory offenders were checked by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Pierz, Motley and Royalton Police Departments. Twenty-three were Level 1 offenders, eight were Level 2 and one was Level 3. Twenty-one offenders were not assigned a risk level.

All but four individuals were found to be in compliance. Law enforcement officers have charged 40-year-old Amanda Tesch, 52-year-old Terry Lind, 45-year-old Lee Oppegard and 52-year-old Mickey Morisch with failing to register their current addresses, which is a felony.

The Little Falls Police Department checked 45 predatory offenders – those individuals are not part of the breakdown.

Level 1 offenders are those deemed by officials as those least likely to re-offend. Level 3 offenders are considered most likely to re-offend.

Offenders released from prison in 1997 or later have been assigned a risk level. The registry does not include juveniles or individuals only sentenced to probation.

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