It’s a miracle no one was hurt when a train smashed into an 18-wheeler that was stuck on the tracks in Richmond, Texas. 

Being stuck in a vehicle that is stalled at a railroad crossing has always been one of my worst nightmares. We used to have to cross the railroad tracks to get to my dad’s workplace back when I was a kid and I would always think about that when we were crossing. Irrational fear? Maybe, but it does happen as we see in the video below. 

Police dashcam video perfectly captured the moment the train struck the truck, ripping through the trailer filled with thousands of water bottles. It’s amazing to watch, because the result is a massive explosion of water, plastic bottles and pieces of the trailer.

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ABC 13 News reports that officers received a call about the 18-wheeler being stuck on the railroad tracks at 2nd street just a few minutes before it happened. 

This is one of those videos you watch and are thankful no one lost their life, not to mention the fact that nobody was even injured. You would think somebody would’ve been caught in the tsunami that ensued, but nope, everyone had enough time to get the hell out of Dodge. 

The police ended up closing the intersection for several hours while they cleaned things up. There’s no word on the fate of the bottles of water that managed to survive the crash. Police aren’t saying what caused the semi to stall on the tracks.

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