It looked like the Vikings were going to lose out on all the "big" free agents, mostly due to being close to the cap ceiling. Yet, they somehow were able to return one key piece to the defense.

Anthony Barr was all set to sign with the New York Jets in Free Agency, at least that is what everyone in the NFL world thought as of Monday night, according to Adam Schefter.

Barr was the biggest name on the Free Agency list of former Vikings, and it was looking to be a long list of Vikings players to leave the roster. Chad Graff of The Athletic set the table for it.

Then all of a sudden the big news broke that Anthony Barr pulled a quick 180 on the Jets and is headed back to the Vikings, according to Mike Garafolo, which broke Twitter.

Granted this deal is not confirmed and still has a chance to fall through, but all signs are pointing to the Vikings retaining a big part of the defense.

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