Ice fishing, along with constantly complaining to anyone within earshot about how cold it is today, is one of our most cherished winter activities here in Minnesota. It's not just about catching a fish on a frozen lake; it's also about hangin' with your fishin' pals in a tiny hut all weekend while maybe throwin' down some brewskis. And sometimes you actually catch fish!

Now, it seems like this should be a no-brainer, but I think most people were taught at an early age that you should always pick up after yourself, right? Sadly, I'm probably underestimating how trashy some people can be. Pun intended.

That's because Minnesota DNR is once again asking people who go ice fishing to please pick up their garbage and not leave it on the lake...three months after they had to issue the same reminder. Check this out:

Just look at all that filth. Who does that?! Some people swim in that lake, you jerks!

If you're one of these people, you should probably definitely stop being a goober and knock it off. We're trying to have a society here, guys. And if you're wondering where exactly you're supposed to place all that trash you left behind? I'm pretty sure some workers at the DNR know exactly where you can shove it.

...A garbage container. You should shove your trash into a garbage container.

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