A couple of years ago I wrote to the Wounded Warriors organization in Washington D.C. to get a reserved parking sign that was legal to replace our handicapped sign.

We proudly displayed the sign on the wall of our building when we were at Central Entrance. At the time we were the only business that had a Wounded Warrior parking reserved sign in the State of Minnesota. I read an article about it and found out if you were one of a certain limited number of people that wrote for it you could get one shipped to us. So I paid the shipping and had one shipped to us.

I thought it was a great way to honor or people in the military who sacrificed their bodies while in the service. I knew we had quite a few vets that were wounded warriors, and with the fundraisers around the area, I wanted to honor those people by having a parking reserved sign up on our building. We had a special Purple Heart edition.

The signs were the idea of Colonel John Folsom who wanted these signs provided free of charge (except the shipping costs) to businesses or buildings that wanted to offer a parking spot for Wounded Warriors who might not have a handicapped sticker on their mirror but needed to have a parking spot to get them close to the entrance.

If you want one for your business you can use the link below.

Here's what our sign looked like when I put it up on our building.

This is how I heard about this sign, was a story like this.

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