The Winter Olympics wrapped up last night and there were a lot of takeaways from the event. One of the things that we will most certainly remember will be a 13 year old named Yang Tae Hwan absolutely shredding to a symphony. Here Hwan is in action!

Hwan is a guitar-prodigy from Gangwon province who was discovered on a reality show called "Star King," according to NPR.

Hwan wore a turtleneck and leather jacket while commanding the stage like a teen Eddie Van Halen, surrounded by dancers in light-up suits and with a swarm of drones overhead.

Hwan has his own YouTube channel and has been rocking out since he was 10.

Hwan was just one of multiple musical acts to take part in the closing ceremony, including K-pop sensations EXO and CL, as well as Martin Garrix, a Dutch EDM star.

However, it was clear which performer became our new rock overlord. All Hail Hwan!

Pretty sure I will never be as cool as Hwan.


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