Blue Earth, MN (KROC AM News) - Southern Minnesota’s Congressman has given an update on his battle with cancer. 

First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn has been undergoing treatment at Mayo Clinic since he was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer in Feb. 2019.  The 57-year-old Hagedorn says he had no symptoms and the cancer was detected accidentally. The Blue Earth Republican says his treatment is going well and he is “feeling great.”

Here is the update he released Wednesday:

“Last week, I attended one of my regularly scheduled checkup appointments at the Mayo Clinic. I am pleased to report that my response to treatment continues to go exceedingly well. The immunotherapy is boosting my body’s immune system and enabling it to identify and kill the cancer cells.

“I’m feeling great and working hard. Rest assured, I will keep fighting cancer and fighting for America and the people of southern Minnesota.

“On behalf of my wife, Jennifer Carnahan, and myself, thanks to all who have offered their prayers, support and encouragement. We are especially grateful for the care of my talented physician, Dr. Lance Pagliaro, and all the wonderful and devoted professionals at the Mayo Clinic.”

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