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A southern Minnesota humane society, the Watonwan County Humane Society, is being asked to vacate their current building. They need to be out of the building by June 8th and as the date approaches, they're on the hunt for a new home.

The humane society shared the news on their Facebook page in the middle of last month, on March 17th. They mention in the post that they're either looking for a place to rent or build.

The Watonwan County Humane Society Treasurer, Sue Leach, spoke with FOX 9 about being kicked out. She said that they got an eviction notice in early March from the city, St. James. There was no reason given for why they were being evicted.

Not only is Sue upset that they haven't been told why they're being evicted, but she's also not pleased about the cat building. She told Bring Me the News that it's "'fairly new, [and] was paid for by the WCHS donor money'" and the city is keeping the building. Sue wrote, "'We will lose a building we built and paid for.'"

If you know of any place that the Watonwan County Humane Society could rent or build, you can email them at petcompany@hotmail.com. Or if you're interested in adopting one of the animals at their shelter and giving them a forever home, you can find available pets HERE.

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