A couple of weekends ago, my family and I traveled to St. Cloud to visit my son, his girlfriend and my granddaughter. We had a great weekend and it was nice to get away but while we were there we had an unexpected visit from Spider-Man.

I thought he'd followed us up there because he was lonely hanging out by himself back in Faribault, but I was wrong. Turns out he was there to shoot a new movie, on what I can only guess was a shoestring budget, using the different places we visited while in St Cloud as the locations to shoot each scene of the movie.

From the looks of the teaser trailer his studio just dropped onto the Power 96 YouTube site, it looks like this film will be hitting the theaters shortly as its set for a fall 2016 release, although I'm guessing this might just end up being a direct to DVD movie. Check out the trailer for yourself:

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