Every morning you roll out of bed to the irritatingly piercing sound of the alarm clock that sits perched upon your nightstand just waiting for that particular preset moment it can utter it's shrill cry akin to "WAKE UP!" You blearily make your way out to the kitchen and get that treasured appliance called the coffee maker ready to dispense your morning's life blood. The problem is, lately you've noticed that it's taking extra cups of that liquid energy to get you going in the morning.

Maybe you need to switch gears and try something different, something that packs a little kick. I'm talking about Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee, which recently became available through the company's online store or, if you happen to be in Lynchburg, Tennessee, you can swing by the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store and pick it up there. Oh yeah, you can also call in your order at (888) 221-5225.

According to their website, it's "The best tasting gourmet coffee infused with authentic Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey." Made in collaboration with World of Coffee, it's blended with 100 percent Arabica beans so that the distinct caramel and vanilla notes of their Old No. 7 Whiskey are evident in each sip. It's available in both regular and decaffeinated.

Order up a bag of Jack Daniel's infused coffee and see if it's a welcome change to your morning routine. If nothing else, you can always shock your friends and coworkers by telling them you start your morning with a little Jack Daniel's each day.

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