Separate, I could eat these both until I'm sick. But together? This is just... odd.

The video above went viral earlier this summer saying people in the midwest like to enjoy eating a cinnamon roll... with their chilil?! I then overheard Dunken and Samm talking about this on their morning show last week, but I've honestly never heard of it before!

Apparently where Dunken comes from in Nebraska it's way more common than you think, but having lived 37 years on this earth I can say I've never seen nor heard anyone enjoy this, ever. He says you just dip the cinnamon roll into the chili and it's the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Now that part I can understand, because as a kid they would serve peanut butter sandwiches with our chili at our high school so I would dunk those into the chili for the same affect. It was so delicious! I'll still do that from time to time today, and I'll even let my kid do it too... although, she's way more interested in the PB sandwich sometimes.

But what about you: Have you heard about this before, and more importantly, is it any good??

I might have to try it just to say I did.

If you're feeling brave, you can bring your own cinnamon rolls into the Boys and Girls Club 10th Annual Chili Challenge this Thursday! I'm not sure about the rules about bringing in food from the outside, but if anyone saw you dunking a cinna-roll into one of their chili's, it'd sure be a fun conversation starter!

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