So you've been playing along with the Power 96 1K Power Play, trying to win that $1,000 prize at one of the two times that we play each weekday. Did you know that after today there's only four more days or eight more times to win? That's because Power 96 knows that you're going to be too busy on Memorial Day spending time with family and friends and honoring military personnel who were injured or died in the service of their country. It wouldn't be appropriate to take away from that.

But that's OK. You'll still have a shot at the big bucks Tuesday-Friday. Plus it'll give you plenty of time to think about some of the stupid things you could buy with a cool grand. Things like:

  1. Thirty mini-trampolines that you could form a circle with in your yard and jump around from one to the other in a continuous loop.
  2. 4,000 25-cent gumballs, although if they still existed it would be more fun to buy 100,000 penny gumballs.
  3. At the Office Depot website, I found that you could buy a carton of 2,340 Dum-Dums for about $77. That means I could enjoy nearly 13 cartons worth of these sweet treats or 30,420 Dum-Dums. Not stupid, but maybe dum-dum.
  4. Stand at the top of the Mall of America rotunda and make it rain 1,000 $1 bills down on the people below.
  5. All the merchandise on the shelves in a Dollar Tree store.

What kind of stupid ways can you come up with to blow $1,000? Win it during our 1K Power Play and find out for yourself. Listen at 7:20AM each weekday morning for the Power 96 1K Power Play Artist of the Day. Then make sure you’re listening between 9-10AM and 3-4PM for a double shot from that artist. We’ll give a code right after the second song plays. If you’re a Power 96 VIP member, you can enter that code online for a shot at the loot. It’s just that easy, and you get to rock out with Power 96. Good luck!

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