Okay, okay...it was just one crab, but STILL...

TikToker @wesdaisy got a tiny crab stuck in her ear while snorkeling in the ocean, which is a fear I never knew that I had until this moment. My ears have been itching all morning and I had no choice but to pass the torch off to you. Welcome to the nightmare!

The video depicts a little baby crab being yoinked out of the woman's ear after what must have been a terrifying and painful ordeal. I've had a bug stuck in mine before and it made me totally crazy. I can't even imagine having a crab stuck in there. That's a big-time NOPE.

Check it out below:

Ugh. Why did I watch it again!? It must be like watching one of those pimple popping videos. Horrifying and intriguing at the same time.

All this time, I thought I was just afraid of being eaten by sharks or stung by jellyfish when I go swimming in the ocean. It turns out, harmless little crabs are friggin' scary as hell too.

Have you ever had something stuck in your ear that someone had to remove? My little sister put a bean up her nose once when she was a kid. It took several hours and hundreds of dollars to get that sucker out. Feel free to share any strange trauma you've had like this in the comments below or on our FMX Facebook page.

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