When I learned this fact about Canada geese I was so surprised. And everything makes so much more sense now! There's actually a reason why it seems like we see a lot more geese in Minnesota, and especially in Rochester, MN, in June and July.

Geese and Rochester, MN

Yeah, we have a weird relationship with geese in Rochester. There are so many of them, which can be an issue, I get that. But then we also have, for example, the Canadian Honker restaurant and the Honkers baseball team.

Rochester Honkers free tickets
Rochester Honkers

But, with there being so many they can be really annoying, they're poop is everywhere. But still, be nice to them. True story: I cried when my husband and I found a goose that had been hit by a car but was still alive. When we left he seemed to be doing a lot better but I just couldn't believe that someone would do that to an animal!

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Anyway, long story short, we definitely seem to have a love-hate relationship with these geese.

Goose, Geese

But now I know more about why they seem extra annoying around June and July!

Geese Can't Fly in June and July!

Seriously! I just learned about this and it makes so much sense. Because it feels like the geese are always in the way around that time. Well, that's because they literally can only waddle around.

Eric Brehm, Unsplash
Eric Brehm, Unsplash

According to Ohio Geese Control, "geese rejuvenate their flight feathers for their Fall migration beginning in mid-June throughout the month of July." I guess most birds will molt one feather at a time so they can still fly. Geese just drop all of their flight feathers all at once.

So that's why they never get out of our way. That's why they're always hanging out in the worst spots and there seems to be poop everywhere! They can only waddle around for about a month and a half or so.


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