Maybe you've snagged one of these before, or maybe you didn't even know it was a tradition. Every year, the Star Tribune gives out lip balm at their booth during the Minnesota State Fair. They've had a large variety of different "flavors" over the years, but this one might just be the best one ever!

Every year, the newspaper unleashes a new fair-themed lip balm on the masses as a giveaway at their booth. The tradition started in 2009, when the "Strib" released "Bacon Balm" as their inaugural fair-flavored lip balm giveaway. Since then, the popular item has included varieties like mini donut, pickle, and they even released a cheese curd variety last year to keep the tradition going despite the fair being cancelled.

The popularity of this lip balm tradition has caught on enough that the Star Tribune has actually created an "Official Lip Balm Superfan" t-shirt that they sell via their website. The shirt features all of the different flavors released since 2009.

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This year, the newspaper partnered with one of the most iconic perennial food vendors at the fair. Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar, which has multiple locations around the fairgrounds, is a must-stop destination for many fairgoers each year.

The immense popularity of the cookie vendor is getting acknowledged this year with the newspaper and Sweet Martha's jointly announcing the collaboration for the 2021 fair on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day last week.

As the Star Tribune's announcement explains, you can "enjoy the taste and smell of cookies, but with none of the calories." Of course, we all know calories consumed at the State Fair don't count anyway (or, at least that's what I tell myself).

If you want to snag your own Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar Chocolate Chip lip balm, there's a couple of things you'll need to know.

First, there is a limited amount, and both Sweet Martha's and the Star Tribune are quick to point out that they are giving these away until supplies run out - and something tells me these are going to be pretty popular, so you'll want to act fast.

The good news is that they are limiting the lip balm to one per person, which will hopefully extend that availability a little further beyond the August 26 opening date of the fair.

The lip balm will only be available at the Star Tribune booth, which is on the north side of Carnes Avenue, between Chambers and Nelson Streets at the end of the Grandstand ramp. If you're looking for points of reference, that is between the DNR building and the Grandstand.

Take a walk through the history of this lip balm tradition with all of the flavors that have been offered since they started it all in 2009.

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