Bad Company

Listen: 'Sweet Lil' Sister'
Bad Company fans can get an early taste of the band's next round of reissues with a previously unreleased version of the Run with the Pack track "Sweet Lil' Sister."
Music Monday: Simon Kirke
It's Music Monday! Each week, I share something that I am currently listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be a tried and true favorite that you haven't heard in forever, it could be a new release by an artist or band you already know, or it could be something I have ju…
Rundown of Cool Ones
Every Monday morning I try to look back and bring you all of last week's Power 96 Cool Ones brought to you by Kelly Auto Parts on Seventh Street in Faribault or online at If you've ever wondered how I chose my Cool Ones, it's pretty simple...
Last Week's Cool Ones
I was kind of busy yesterday so I had to put this off until today, so here's last week's recap of the Power 96 Cool One brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts on Seventh Street in Faribault and online at
Each day that I wake up I never know which song is going to p…

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