Tired of Scalding Coffee?
About a week ago I posted a story about a new coffee, which was the result of a collaborative effort between Jack Daniel's and World of Coffee. I suggested that coffee drinkers give it a try if their usual cup of joe just wasn't doing it for them in the morning anymore...
Pour Another Cup of Joe
I start the day with a couple of cups of joe as it is. Today I might pour myself one extra cup and toast National Coffee Day. I might even have some toast with it.
How Do You Take Your Coffee? [POLL]
Like many people, I start my day with a cup of coffee, sometimes several cups. I love coffee. I love the taste, the burst of energy, the warmth on a cold morning, I love the scent, and I love catching up with people over a cup. But there are so many ways to make a cup of coffee, I had to wonder what…
The daily grind
It's no secret that I enjoy coffee. I love the scent, the flavor, catching up with friends over a cup at the coffee shop, and of course the energy boost it provides. It was even once suggested that a segment called "Coffee with Kelly" should be created!
Some days….
Maybe I didn't sleep well, or maybe it's that it gets dark so early, but one thing is for sure, I am just dragging today!