Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Reviews 'The Boss Baby'
In the last week I've attended three movies, "Beauty and the Beast," "Logan" and most recently, "The Boss Baby." Two of my granddaughters were in town for a visit so we decided to take them to the movies and out for supper afterward and wrap…
Johnny Depp Practices Acting With Barbies
Actors! They're weird! Johnny Depp may be one of Hollywood's brightest stars, but that doesn't mean he's immune to the weirdness of artistry -- in fact, Depp has kind of gone whole hog on this being "out there" thing, and it's very much a part of his process as an …
Music Monday June 2, 2014
It's Music Monday! Every week, I share something I am currently listening to. Sometimes it's an old favorite, othertimes, its something brand new to me like this week!