Coming Soon To Your Paycheck. More $$$$
New tax tables go into effect this year as part of the tax reform bill. The withholding tables tell employers how much money to pull out of your checks. 90% of people should see their take-home pay go up under the new guidelines.
Last Day to Win Up To $5,000
All you have to do to bank up to $5,000 cold hard cash, is listen for the last three Power 96 Cash Codes at 7:20AM this morning, and at 12:20PM and 4:20PM this afternoon.
1K Power Play Returns!
If you were feeling a little bummed that you didn't win $1,000 with the Power 96 1K Power Play in April then listen up. Next week the 1K Power Play returns to Power 96 each weekday with two chances to put a $1,000 into your hands all week long...