The Cars

Benjamin Orr Before the Cars
Before Benjamin Orr found fame with the Cars, he was just another Cleveland-area musician inspired by the Beatles' U.S. popularity to find success with his own band.
Power 96 Cool One Recap
I used a vacation day yesterday to get some business done in the Twin Cities and to have an enjoyable lunch with my oldest daughter, so I didn't get a chance to recap my Power 96 Cool One for Monday. Now it's Wednesday and I also have Tuesday's Cool One to account for...
Power 96 Cool One Recap: The Cars
Thursday's Power 96 Cool One came from The Cars. I featured the single "You Might Think" from their fifth studio album, Heartbeat City. Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange and released in 1984, this album was very successful for the band, reaching No...
Power 96 Cool One Recap: The Cars
Yesterday's Power 96 Cool One was "Touch and Go" by The Cars from Panorama. This was the third album from the group and it came out on Aug. 15, 1980. Although it wasn't as commercially successful as their earlier efforts, it still managed to chart at No...

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