Do you ever have trouble deciding where to go out to eat? You're hungry but not really hungry for anything in particular. You know that feeling, it's different than when your hungry for pizza or Asian or Mexican food, although then you still have to decide which place to go to with that, too.

I'm talking about that need to satisfy your hunger but you're undecided on exactly what you're hungry for. Maybe you and your spouse or significant other have decided to go out instead of preparing a meal at home, or some friends or family drop by and you all decide to go out.

Well we here at Power 96 have just the thing for those undecided food enthusiasts. It's called the Faribault Restaurant Wheel of Chance. I listed several dining establishments in the Faribault area, so the next time your stomach starts to rumble, feel free to give the wheel a spin and let it choose your next dinner destiny.

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