Ok, we have maybe all been there before guys, you wrap up what you feel was a record-breaker and like a proud papa you take a look and then give it a flush. In college, we used to take a pic and then send it out in a group message as proof, of what was produced that day. Thinking about it now, that's kind of disgusting but we were 20 and 21 and at that point had zero interest in marriage or regular work. Now scientists want you to take a pic of your poop for science! 

According to the website The Verge, the ultimate goal of this poop picture campaign is to collect 100,000 fecal photos to build what developers say is the world’s first poop image database. Your fecal photos will be sent to MIT where scientists can use the pics to train an AI platform launched out of MIT for what to look for with health-related issues like "chronic gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome."

Want to participate? It's rather simple, go to seed.com/poop on your phone, and click on the button that says:“#GIVEaSHIT.” If you've dropped a deuce snap a pic and submit it. If you haven't, you can be sent a reminder email based upon your 'schedule'.

Don't worry about your data "dump" will remain anonymous to scientists as The Verge notes that; "after you’ve submitted your stool for posterity, the image is separated from the metadata (your email address and other potentially identifying information) so that your donation can remain anonymous and HIPAA compliant."

How does this help the AI and science? A team of doctors look at your poopy pics and then will input what they observe into a computer, aka doody-base (i just made that up as poop humor). What they are inputting are things that they see as a way of teaching the AI what to be looking for when it comes to diagnosing someone with possible gut issues. Kinda like how researchers and "scientists taught self-driving cars how to identify a tree or a cat in the road", according to David Hachuel, a co-founder of the startup Auggi from the article.

Fun fact, did you know  that poop can fall into seven categories identified along a stool scale?

So go ahead and take some $#*tty pics! I mean it's for science!

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