Literally like two hours ago, I was thinking “Hey it’s been a minute since Matt Reeves teased anything from The Batman.” And then boom, here came a whole bunch — including our first official look at the new Batmobile.

Here’s what Reeves tweeted: There are three pictures of Robert Pattinson’s new Batman standing next to his new ride which looks pretty sweet.

It’s pretty interesting to compare these pictures to the ones that heralded the arrival of Batfleck and his Batmobile. Those were black and white and showed Affleck looking all sad and dour standing next to his Batmobile, which was basically like a giant tank. This Batmobile is much more like a car — similar to how the Batcycle we saw in the recent photos from set looked like a motorcycle that Bruce Wayne stuck a big bat head on the front of. We don’t get a great look at Battinson, because he’s only seen from a distance, but his costume is much more functional than Affleck’s, which had giant rubber muscles and looked like it weighed a million pounds.

Here are better looks at the new official images:

The Batman opens in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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