Last week it seemed like we were never going to get a break from the rain. I can't imagine how much of an impact it must've had on the Steele County Free Fair. My family and I were lucky enough to get in a fun day at the fair on Wednesday but that was pretty much the last day that it didn't rain until the beautiful day we had on Sunday. Unfortunately we weren't able to get back over there because by then the grass had grown so long that I had to spend a good part of the day mowing the lawn and some other yard work that I had been putting off until a cooler day came along.

Once I was finished up, I loaded up my family into the family truckster and drove down to the Woolen Mills to see what the Cannon River looked like going over the dam. "Going over" would be a stretch because the river was nearly level with the top of the dam next to the factory itself and was flowing over the walkway on the Alexander Park side. We went across the street to where both the Cannon River and the Straight River come together. The Two Rivers Fishing Platform was completely submerged except for the top of the rail. We even strolled across the trestle and the water was nearly touching the bottom of it. I've seen it higher in the past, but my grandkids haven't so I thought it would be an interesting outing for them and they seemed to enjoy seeing it.

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