Motley Crue's highly anticipated film The Dirt based on their 2001 biography of the same name is out on Netflix today. There has been a whirlwind of stories and press leading up to its release over the last few weeks, and now the film is finally here.

The Crue are known for being one of the most destructive bands in rock and roll history. Many of the stories featured in both the book and the movie are highly controversial, from drug overdoses to fatal car accidents. It's difficult enough for rock bands to have a breakthrough and become successful today as it is, and they most likely wouldn't get away with acting like Motley Crue did.

So, could Motley Crue have made it today? In honor of the disorderly film's release, Loudwire breaks down some of the most chaotic stories detailed in the book to determine if they would survive as a fledgling rock band in 2019 in the video above.

Beware of Bullwinkle.

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