Eagan Police took to social media this morning looking to reunite an owner with their lost items. The only catch is that the items are a large sum of money and several large bags of marijuana.

The post is a simple one from Eagan's Police Department that states:

Did you lose something important tonight? Some forgetful person set this bag of valuables down and forgot to pick it up! We’d love to talk to you about it. Give us a call at 651-675-5700 to discuss your options!

The post of course is tongue in cheek as the person who left behind the weed and money more than likely won't be coming forward to claim it but is a pretty big find either way.

Eagan Police did not indicate where the loot was found, in case you were...looking...for your missing items.

Another tip, one that is a little bit more serious is for those that leave their vehicles outside the garage.

With car thefts more frequent this time in Minnesota, as we often will go out and start our vehicles to warm them up, creates pretty easy opportunities for those who want to steal a car.

If you leave your car out, take the garage door opener out, any valuables including guns if you have one in the car, and leave a light on to make it less desirable for the would-be thieves to take anything.

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