Last week, in honor of Kolacky Days in Montgomery this past weekend, I wanted to know what you thought was the correct way to make a kolacky! You all voted throughout the weekend and we have our final results!

On our Facebook page (@power96faribault) we asked you all to vote for which way you think is the correct way to make a kolacky:


And the votes rolled in!

Shockingly not many people voted for A or B, they voted for a non-existent option C: a kolacky made into a square!

Apparently, I didn't pick good pictures, oops!

Many of you also said you would eat a kolacky no matter how it's made.

How do you make your kolacky? Are they like A, B, or are they square? Paul makes his kolacky open faced like option A!

I hope you all enjoyed Kolacky Days!


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