My neighborhood has been transformed into an Easter wonderland with multi-colored cut out construction paper eggs dotting the windows and doors. It's been fun to watch the kids' reactions as they spot the eggs. Some are in plain sight others are sometimes hidden or made to blend in with other pieces of homes. Some businesses in the City of Elysian are offering up their take on how to keep kids busy and engaged. Several businesses are putting teddy bears/bears in their windows and are calling it a teddy bear hunt. 

Not only is it something for the family to do, but you can also be rewarded for your efforts as several of the businesses participating in the hunt are offering up gift certificate prizes according to a social media post from Elysian Auto Service. 

Image Credit: @ElysianAuto via Facebook
Image Credit: @ElysianAuto via Facebook

33 different businesses are participating in the hunt, how awesome is that? Participants have until Monday, April 20th to participate in the hunt, with winners being announced on Wednesday, April 22nd.

I know that several larger cities are offering up teddy bear hunts, but for a city, the size of Elysian (population 726) to pull together 33 businesses for this is just fantastic.

Good luck to all the teddy bear hunters, and once again THANK YOU local businesses for participating and giving parents and their children something to look forward to after being at home all day.

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