With snow in the forecast for Friday for a portion of Minnesota, flurries are being forecasted here in Southern Minnesota according to Weather.com, and now that we've fallen back it gets darker earlier so to combat the dark evenings and colder temps you may want to embrace this Norwegian concept to help you get through these next few darker months. The concept is known as 'koselig'.

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Koselig, is an overall concept of feeling coziness, often deals with a fire, or candle, warm blankets, or clothing and leaning into the winter months with group outings or simply being ok with staying in and enjoying each others company.

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I think many Minnesotans already embrace the idea of 'koselig' to some extent. We go out and ice skate, sled, snowmobile, snowshoe, and ski. It's embracing the here and now of colder months.

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There is nothing I enjoy more in the winter months than the crackle of a fire in the fireplace or fire pit on a crisp late fall or winter evening with some friends and family simply sharing the moment together.

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Mary Grace Caris of WellandGood.com summarized what Koselig means to her, and I have to agree with her synopsis.

It's more about finding bonding opportunities that are emphasized by the cold weather, choosing to be snowed in with your friends, eating buckwheat waffles, and then putting all your thick sweaters to good use and hitting up an ice rink or whatever other activity will give you a seasonally sanctioned rush of happiness. - Mary Grace Caris

So rather than bury yourself inside this winter, embrace it, get together with some friends or family, light some candles, or for a home with pets and young kids, get those lightbulb candles, and simply enjoy the change of seasons.

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