Or maybe not! This product from Carly's Curious Cabinet did not get the Paul stamp of approval! But I don't know, this could have been a handy product for all of us that were out grilling for the 4th.


the Ham Dogger!

Kitchen Art via Amazon
Kitchen Art via Amazon

Basically what this is, is a contraption for you to take your hamburger meat and form it into a hot dog instead. I can see a couple of reasons this would be necessary:

1. It's April Fools Day and you're trying to confuse everyone.

2. You only have hot dog buns but you wanted a hamburger.

3. You aren't capable of taking one hamburger patty, slapping a piece of cheese on top, and then putting another patty on that, so you need to mush it all together in this ham dogger to make a juicy lucy.

Paul isn't convinced. He thinks that this whole thing is just a scam. A hamburger should look like a hamburger, not a hot dog.

What do you think? Would you use this product?


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