In a cinematic landscape where franchises and known properties are a studio's biggest priority, some projects cannot be killed no matter how hard it is to get them made. Witness Warner Brothers' big screen adaptation of 'The Stand,' which now has a fourth director in talks to helm the production.

That filmmaker is Josh Boone -- who directed this summer's upcoming YA romantic dramedy 'The Fault in Our Stars -- according to The Hollywood Reporter. He'll be following 'Harry Potter' helmer David Yates, multihyphenate (to wit, actor, writer, director, Oscar-winner, Batman) Ben Affleck, and 'Out of the Furnace' helmer Scott Cooper, who've all been attached, while Warners was briefly hot on the idea of having Paul Greengrass direct it. The THR piece notes that Josh Boone is a mega-fan of the material and of Stephen King in general, which is good news for those hoping for a great adaptation, though -- as Boone's the least accomplished filmmaker attached to the project -- he may not have that much clout while trying to get his version made.

It's interesting this news comes out the same day as we're hearing that Sony is moving forward with 'Ghostbusters 3,' even though Harold Ramis recently died, and 'Shrek 5' was announced. Hopefully all of these films will be good, because we're getting them whether we want them or not.

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