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This woman in Minnesota was more than a little upset recently, but you won't believe what she did to a snow plow driver.

Winters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can be long, cold, and filled with snow and ice. By late February, sometimes an acute case of cabin fever can develop in even the hardiest Minnesotans.

But even that doesn't necessarily explain what happened in Blaine, Minnesota earlier this week. For some context, keep in mind that the Twin Cities area (Blaine is located northwest of Minneapolis, btw) received another foot of snow during our latest winter storm on February 22nd and 23rd.

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MPR says that pushed snow totals in the Twin Cities to over 73 inches, making this winter the 17th-highest season snowfall overall. So perhaps it was her continued frustration with all that snow that lead to her strange behavior a few days ago. And it was STRANGE, mind you.

According to a post on the MN Crime - Police/Fire/EMS Facebook page, she took her anger out on a snow plow driver who apparently wouldn't shovel her sidewalks. (Which, of course, is *NOT* the job of municipal snow plows here in Minnesota.)

A female in her 60s is reported to be yelling at a plow driver and wielding a brass curtain rod. According to the caller, this has been an ongoing issue with the female who is angry that they will not shovel the sidewalk.

Note: *Not* the actual curtain rod in question. (Canva)
Note: *Not* the actual curtain rod in question. (Canva)

If you're like me, your first reaction is to laugh at such a thing, right? But, of course, threatening anyone (with a brass curtain rod or not) is *NOT* okay. Especially since the post references the woman as having once pulled a gun on someone!

As you might guess, some of the comments on that post were genuinely concerned for the woman, some rolled their eyes at the strange behavior, while others offered a helpful tip, like Joyce C., who said:

"She should be “wielding” a shovel. She could have that sidewalk cleared in no time with that aggression."

No word on if Blaine police were called to the scene or if any charges were filed. You can read the entire post below. And then keep scrolling to check out some pretty funny suggestions to name last week's winter storm that angered the Blaine woman so much.

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Better Names Than "Olive" For Minnesota's Epic Winter Storm

February 22nd and 23rd in 2023 are dates to remember as the time Mother Nature got ticked off at Minnesota. I'm not sure what we did but kids were out of school for days, roads closed, driveways drifted over, and the mad rush to grab last-minute items were the norm.

The name for the storm given by the National Weather Service was "Olive". I thought that name was a bit lame for a storm as massive as we saw so I asked around to see if anyone had a better idea for a name. And boy, they did!

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