The Minnesota Vikings are having a rough season and people aren't too pleased. Some people are saying terrible things about Mike Zimmer on social media because of it. This made Mike's daughter, Corri, not very happy.

She took to Instagram to voice her frustration and said that her dad "works his A-- off to find a way to WIN for all these so called 'fans' that tear him apart." She says he usually gets to work by 4 AM and won't get home until about 9 or 10 at night. Sometimes he even sleeps at the office.

Corri then asks in her post to "think before you comment, think of who could be reading it, and look in the mirror before you judge someone else." She's right!

According to Corri, Mike "has lost 16 pounds this season because of the stress." Wow, he must really love his job if he puts up with all of that!

Hopefully, the season turns around, for Mike and for the fans! It sounds like that poor guy deserves a break!



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